Down to the Felt - Bad Beat Jackpot


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Lose your way into a Tournament with Down to the Felt Bad Beat Jackpot!
To lose your way in, take a bad beat in any of our regular season Tournaments at any of our locations.


- Player must have four deuces or better beaten.

- Both players have to use both hole cards in the hand.

- A minimum of 400 Tourney chips must be in the pot.

- A minimum of four players must be seated and dealt into the hand in order to qualify.

- Hand must go to showdown.

- Players must play their hands independently. Any discussion of the prize during play of the hand may void qualification for the Jackpot.

- If a hand finishes with three qualifying hands, the lowest hand will be void (e.g- four eights, four queens, and a Queen high straight flush in the same hand. Straight flush is the winning hand and four queens would win the jackpot)

- The floor reserves the right to verify eligibility. There will be no recourse if the cards are mucked before we are able to verify the hands and community cards. Floor will not be permitted to reconstruct the hands in any way.

- Decisions of the Floor are final and without recourse.

- The losing player wins a Tournament entry equal to (or close to) size of Jackpot.

- Tournament entry is choice of Down to the Felt management and no substitutions or transfer of prize permitted.

- Jackpot will increase randomly so check back often!!